In summer 2017 Sabine's life was full of health issues, family troubles, job issues and many other problems. Then – while working as an agile coach & scrum master – she decided to treat herself as an agile product. Sabine turned the well-known agile mindset and tools of her trade onto the woman in the mirror and took full responsibility as a Product Owner of her own life.

She designed her life "2.0" in less than 24 months and became a very successful coach & therapist. Sabine now runs her own company with 6 employees and loves to inspire other people with her story.

Your major take-aways:

-Inspiration and real life example of a true success & change story for yourself

-Confidence that the might & magic of the agile mindset & tools will work for you even in your own extraordinary context

Sabine is an Agile Coach, Systemic Coach, Personal Development Coach and Naturopath from Switzerland.