Agile Conferences 2020


October 7th – 8th, 2021

9:30 am - 4:00 pm daily (US Eastern Time)
 Live online

Conscious Leaders Create Conscious Organisations through Requisite Agility

People generally know what the right thing to do is. So why do so many people get stuck in doing what they know rather than what the Right Action that will make a difference.

This is not a time-management problem. If it was simply a case of time-management, given the thousands of programs, books, tools and apps out there, you would think it would be “managed” by now.

One of the key measures of productivity and performance we use with leaders and organisations is the RIGHT ACTION RATIO.

What percentage of the past week were you working on what was requisite?

Teams and organisations get stuck in routines, constraints and distractions which pulls the individual people into the pit.

A conscious leader creates clarity about what is requisite, what is the Right Action, that will make the biggest positive difference? A conscious leader removes distractions and impediments. The time and energy that is saved is not used to do more work, but to build the capacity for reflection, to conduct authentic retrospectives, hold uncomfortable conversations, tap the energy trapped in conflicts and use it to transform ways of thinking.

It is a shame that we have to add the term ‘conscious’ to leader, because this is what great leaders have always done. The reason we need this term is to move leadership development out of the pit of ‘behavioiural training’ where checklists, nine-box grids, preformulated steps and stages are used to define leadership.

When leaders are fully present in the moment, paying attention to themselves, their context, their environment, their colleagues, the people they support, the people who support them and the customers they serve, they do not need to parrot a so called ‘best practice’ from somewhere else– they become the ‘right practice’ by doing what is requisite, right here, right now.

There is a reason why the great sages of all time used parables and stories rather than checklists and best practices. Through the stories, they were getting people to draw out principles and think for themselves, and do the right thing.

This is not to say all checklists, models, frameworks and techniques are bad. The point is to be aware of what is our True North, what is the Right Action (requisite) and how do we either use or adapt these solutions from other places in our own unique context, process and relationships? How do we create transformations that matter? The irony is that those ‘best practices’ were created consciously. To turn them into instant solutions, to be followed blindly destroys their very essence.

Why Attend?

What is your RIGHT ACTION ratio?

How conscious is your own leadership?

How conscious is your organisation?


Through this conference you will learn how to determine what is the Right Action (requisite), what is your True North through the following: 

  • Synchronise your time, attention and energy with the markets/communities you serve.
  • Prioritise and shape the transitions and changes that need to take place
  • Build collaborative intelligence to transform your organisation
  • Learn how to rise above what we know, to tap what we don’t know (conflicts and confusion)
  • Bring servant leadership to life in a way that transforms the culture 


There will be no speakers at this conference. There will be 14 conscious leaders who will share stories and challenge you to return to yourself and your organisation, with a renewed sense of what is requisite and what to do about it. You will raise your RIGHT ACTION RATIO! 

Paul WerbosIntControl

Paul Werbos


Paul John Werbos is an American social scientist and machine learning pioneer. He is best known for his 1974 dissertation, which first described the process of training artificial neural networks through backpropagation of errors. He also was a pioneer of recurrent neural networks.

Joan LurieOrgonomix

Joan Lurie


I am the CEO of Orgonomix, a company I founded in 2008 to assist leaders and organisations to transform themselves and to function at their growing edge. My work integrates strategy, systems thinking, complexity, social construction and adult development theory. I work with boards, executives and leadership teams to help them rewire their thinking to be more systemic, and to design and lead complex adaptive and second-order change in their organisations. With over 20 years of practice and experience, I have taken up both internal corporate as well as consulting roles, helping companies achieve turnaround results - emerging new cultures, operating models and different organisational systems, whilst simultaneously building their adaptive capacity. Through this practice and experimentation, I have developed Orgonomics™ - a proprietary methodology which provides a ‘map’ for leaders to navigate the emerging complexity we face in the new economic landscape.

Thomas Eckschmidt CBJourney

Thomas Eckschmidt


Thomas Eckschmidt is an engineer who holds an Executive MBA in finance from Business School São Paulo, Brazil. His corporate journey included work in twenty different countries before he launched a successful entrepreneurial career that includes twelve business awards, four patents filed, and eleven books published.

Jerome C. GlennThe Millennium Project

Jerome C. Glenn

The Millennium Project

Jerome (Jerry) Glenn was the SYNCON coordinator for The Committee for the Future (1973-1975) and a founding partner of Future Options Room (FOR) in 1975 with Roy Mason and Scott Dankman Joy. FOR was one of the first futures consulting firms and had Alvin Toffler, Herman Kahn, Ted Gordon, and other leading futurists on its board.Glenn helped to craft the section of the SALT II treaty (1979) that prohibited the USSR from deploying its Fractional Orbital Bombardment System.[8] In 1983 he created CARINET, a computer network that CGNET Services International later acquired, and through CARINET he introduced data packet switching to numerous countries in the developing world. In 1996 Glenn and Theodore J. Gordon wrote a report in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution and the Futures Group (rebranded as Palladium International) about the feasibility of establishing a futures think tank; later that year he co-founded the Millennium Project, an organization that evaluates 15 global challenges to the future of humanity.

Kashmir BirkThe True North

Kashmir Birk

The True North

Kashmir helps clients make the most of and create more time, energy, and money, by doing less. He draws out each client's True North, defines strategic and operational priorities, and then apply what is necessary from Systems Thinking, TPS, The Way, Agile, Requisite, Lean, Socio-Technical Systems, NLP, Appreciate Inquiry, Open Space, Conferencing, Co-Active Coaching or Design Thinking to help them get there.

Geordie KeittWells Fargo 

Geordie Keitt

Wells Fargo 

Deeply curious innovator with over 25 years in software design and development. Consultant, trainer, and coach specializing in unlocking top-to-bottom team agility and power by syncing up solvers and stakeholders at every level of your organization.

Jody DeaneJody Deane International Ltd

Jody Deane

Jody Deane International Ltd

As an executive coach and mindset mentor, heart-based leaders, super-achieving founders and voracious visionaries hire me to activate their multidimensional magnificence, accelerate awakening and manifest their mission. I am also an energy healer, conscious comic, channel, actor, inspirational speaker, author and podcast host. At the beginning of 2020 I founded Step Out Of Time Retreats to offer highly enriching experiences in special locations worldwide to facilitate profound transformation in individuals called to step out of the limited, consensus reality, 3D world programming. This movement is about moving away from perceptions based in fear, lack, separation and conformity and into greater versions of ourselves, connected into your soul mission with renewed self-awareness and leading with a compassion-oriented vision, empathy, authenticity and a resilient mindset rooted in awakened heartful consciousness.

Sujith RavindranBEING Abundance Movement

Sujith Ravindran

BEING Abundance Movement

Sujith is an applied spiritualist, author, founder of, BEING Abundance Movement and founder, of the global foundation for BEING Leadership Intentional about a humanity that is abundant, equitable and bliss-filled; committed to a self that is realized; and pledged to create an ecology that is thriving and justly shared with all beings. Holds space for institutional leaders and thought-leaders to self-realize themselves; inspires the growth of next-generation social structures and the evolution of current social structures to cater to a world that works for everyone. Scholar and eternal student of the indigenous Indian science of consciousness.

Reiner Kraft, PhDThe Mindful Leader

Reiner Kraft, PhD

The Mindful Leader

Former CTO and seasoned technology leader. While working in the Silicon Valley for 20 years, and in Berlin for the past 4 years, I was able to gain extensive experience in how to successfully build and scale technology organizations of various sizes. As a technologist, I focused on solving hard technical problems to solve real customer needs that required an innovative mix of engineering and research (data science and machine learning). Through my experiences working in world class engineering environments and research labs, I can transform an organization by properly organizing product & technology to drive business results. For example, I have built up Zalando Research, a dedicated AI / deep learning lab, from the ground up, to drive long term strategic innovation, and foster short term competitive advantages to its suite of digital products.

Katrijn van OudheusdenServant Leadership Coach

Katrijn van Oudheusden

Servant Leadership Coach

Ktrijn helps you discover the authentic servant leader already within the Insight Path to Servant Leadership

Dov TsalSennder

Dov Tsal


A versatile coach, facilitator, agile coach, scrum-master, change agent, and enabler. Helping companies teams and individuals to make an impact. • Product development and transformation process • Training, Coaching, and mentoring teams, Scrum-masters, Product owners, and leaders. • Startup accompanying (kickstarting agility in less than a month) • Large scale transformation (Mindset and process) • Management 3.0 practices • Xscale steward and coach • Speaker facilitator and influencer at Agile-related conferences and forums worldwide.

Dr Lynne Sedgmore Executive Coach

Dr Lynne Sedgmore

Executive Coach

I have held 3 Chief Executive roles within Further Education in the UK for 17 years. I have been a non Executive Director on over 25 Boards and am now a registered coach working freelance. See my website for more details My previous roles include Executive Director of the 157 Group of large urban FE Colleges with a combined budget of £1.5 billion, Chief Executive of the Centre for Excellence in Leadership (CEL), Principal of Guildford College and Head of Croydon Business School. CEL developed over 40,000 leaders and was at the forefront of individual, team and organisational coaching interventions. I have an MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies and a Professional Doctorate in Leadership of Culture Change; combining academic rigour, practical organisational experience as a CEO, alongside powerful insight, emotional intelligence, strong rapport and the ability to be deeply present to individual and organisational needs with my coachees. I have been coaching others since 1998 as well as receiving extensive coaching from top coaches. I specialise in fostering high performing and self-aware leaders, especially in complex scenarios. I specialise in feminist, teal and spiritual/Goddess leadership paradigms.

Benjamin P. Taylor RedQuadrant

Benjamin P. Taylor


RedQuadrant is a new type of consultancy. We're business evolutionaries, seeking to transform the way we work and the impact we have. Together we can build on your strengths and achieve service and cultural transformation. The possibilities open to us centre around learning, relationships, community, and purpose. With our clients, we explore these thing together – mutually transforming power. I'm an adviser, consultant, coach, lecturer and speaker with wide experience in service organisations and local public service. I'm excited by international, innovative, interesting opportunities. Talk to me about the possibilities of being in, being a customer of, and leading your organisation; we believe in conversations. I update a lot, with all my interests - stop my updates if you wish!

Ardita KarajIndustrial Logic, Inc.

Ardita Karaj

Industrial Logic, Inc.

- Enterprise Agility, Lean Coach, Product and Business Coach, Trainer, Public Speaker, Community builder - Experienced in setting and executing Product strategies - Creative Leader and Mentor for organizations that focus on improvement, innovation and customer satisfaction - Technical savvy with hands-on experience in technical practices - Founder, Chair and speaker for several local and global Agile conferences and events President of Industrial Logic Canada, part of the Industrial Logic (

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This conference is not another ‘show and tell’. It is an invitation for you to examine your own time, attention and energy. And the time, attention and energy of your organisation. Please join us to share your vision and positivity.


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What This Event Will Do For You


Discover how to manifest a Conscious Organization as a powerful new vehicle for ethical business. You will find the necessary tools, tactics, and practices for your organization to survive and thrive in the days after. Understand the power of conscious leadership as the new paradigm.


Implement the conscious organization immediately - starting with yourself! Feel inspired and motivated to elevate your intentions, bring consciousness to life, and during the event, you will feel inspired and motivated to create the legacy of our Renaissance


Go beyond changing your organization, and instead transform it. As you and your organizations emerge from pre-crisis chrysalis, spread your wings to become the leaders and organizations you aspire to see in the days after. Begin your transformation journey with the guidance and companionship of teachers and participants from around the world.

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 This conference will show how to take the Right Action. It all gets down to how leaders apply requisite agility.