RA at a Glance

Requisite AgilityTM is the level of organizational agility you need to survive and thrive in a changing environment. It depends on the specific cultural context, leadership readiness and needs. Some environments are designed for rapid processing of standardized products and services. Others require a continuous evolution of design. Some aspects of work are operational or tactical while others are strategic. All require different approaches to agility while working across different time frames. Taking a one size fits all approach to scaling agility locks people in different areas into a predefined set of procedures and practices.

Requisite AgilityTM (RA) is a trans-disciplinary approach to work design and organizational design which drives business and organizational agility across large portfolios of projects and into areas of the business other than software development, with a focus on the C-suite. 

RA provides scaffolding for highly-structured legacy organizations to introduce the benefits of Agile into their work processes without a loss of accountability and governance; as easily as it scaffolds small, nimble startups into proper governance and structure as they grow.

Why Use RA ?

Requisite AgilityTM addresses the system of your business via a comprehensive evaluation and intervention across 5 areas of expertise: Agile, Lean, Requisite Organization (RO), Cybernetics, and Culture. All of these disciplines provide methods and tools for evaluating the level of your organization's agility. For instance, RA uses the Agility model of the company with agility domains, sub-domains and attributes, and uses the results of this discovery to establish baselines for various corporate functions which RA will calibrate and adjust using Agile or Lean or RO methods as appropriate.


What Does RA Solve?

RA removes the pain of mis-matching Agile implementation approaches to the real needs of the business function being addressed. Excessive agility achieved at the cost of process fragmentation is as painful as insufficient agility caused by internal politics and local optimizations. This trans-disciplinary approach provides a multiscopic view into the state of the organization, and surfaces insights into remediation's that any one approach would miss.

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