RA consultants put themselves in the position of their clients, they build single, double and triple-loop learning into their own practice so they are leading by example as they facilitate learning and growth with their clients.

RA Consultants include themselves as actors in our understanding of the system. Requisite Agility undertakes triple loop learning about its own practice.

RA consultants adapt and adopt approaches based on the requisite complexity and readiness of the client. The RA consultant questions critically, transcends the perspectives present and keeps differences and tensions on the table productively for as long as possible, to guide a group to arrive at more and more nuanced choices.

The most significant challenge for RA Consultants is to work with team dialogue that is limited by the diversity of social-emotional maturity (sense-making), resulting in clients protecting and defend their identity rather than open up to new possibilities.


Characteristics of an RA Consultant

Main characteristics of an RA Consultant is therefore to operate as a
constructive critical facilitator of change.

Considers him-/herself as an integral part of the system
Pays attention to how participants develop role identity
Enables the development of maturity and prevents downwardly divided dynamics in teams
Is highly self-aware of his/her frame of reference

RA Consultants understand the deeper patterns in which role definition and fulfillment takes place, in a world that team members create together.

These deeper patterns shape how teams develop a part-whole understanding, sense and adapt to emerging changes, the networked nature of their relationships and the transformational potential in uncertainty and imbalances.

RA Consultants are aware of their own thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and values and those of their clients. They are attuned to how their own thought structures shape the ways in which they sense and make meaning.

RA consultants are able to relate to the social-emotional dimension by letting go of their own ego and need to be right. They undertake triple loop learning about our own practice, and include ourselves as actors in our understanding of the system